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Meeting with Tattooed face Chin Women

Meeting with Tattooed face Chin Women

by finemwd / Latest Tours / March 5, 2019

Meeting with Tattooed face Chin Women

Meeting with Tattooed face Chin Women!

  • Are you searching for a very interesting mountain tribe with significant culture in Myanmar?
  • Do you want to explore a real authentic nature off the beaten tracks around one of the highest Mt.Victoria in west part of Myanmar?
  • Do you have only one week to be in Myanmar?

Let us introduce you with Our Tattooed face Chin women.


The Chin is one of  the eight founding groups of the Union of Myanmar such as Burma , Shan ,Kachin ,Rakhing , Mon and Karen .Chin people live  on the western mountains and that region is called  Chin State .They have been living  there since yore.Chin is not a single culture tribe .In Chin family ,there are over 50 Chin tribes with particular languages and traditions .When they meet , main communication is done by Myanmar language because they do not understand each other dialect .Among many Chin,about six Chin tribs have an interesting tradition regard to women self-beauty decoration .They wear distinct tattoo designs on their faces .Thus since their very young age around 6 years old , their mother incise their traditional tattoos designs like "D " or Spider shape on the girls' faces .Since then they wear those tattoos for life long .When did the culture start ? Probably ,since 11 century ,Chin Legend has it that when a Myanmar King traveled to the region , he was so impressed by the women’s beauty that he kidnapped one to take as a bride .Because of this , Chin families began to tattoo their daughters to ensure they would not be taken away. Other Chin tales say that the tattooing was done for the beauty and perhaps more plausibly to differentiate the different tribes in case one was kidnapped by another. Another explanation may have to do with religion. Since the time of the British colonization, many Chin minorities have converted to Christianity or else accepted it alongside the animist beliefs. Some Chin remembered being taught by their local pastors that only those who had tattoos would be deemed fit to go to heaven.
The M’uun women are the most easily recognizable with large looping “ P” or “D” shapes on their faces and “ Y” symbols on the foreheads.The M’kaan women have line tattoos on both their foreheads and chins. The Yin Du tribes features long vertical-line tattoos across the entire face, including the eyelids .The Uppriu tribe , one of the hardest to spot have their entire faces covered in dots with either blackened or ashen –looking faces because they are so full of tattoos.

The tattoos are made using leaves, grass shoots and soot. The leaves give color and the soot acts as a disinfectant and the grass shoots are added at the end acting as a bandage and natural healing cover .The connotation is applied to the face using sharp cane thorns which prick the skin to create the pattern.

They  have their own traditions and customs. A Chin woman changes her name when she became mother and they continue to believe in the power of Shaman and his totems. Nearly all the women spoke pipes and most homes have a small post topped with an egg beside their front doors which according to local lore is a way to bring the family good luck and happiness while also repelling evil spirits .Other Chin traditions include a ban on men eating meat in his wife’s family‘s home in case it brings bad luck and an emphasis on having sons who will should a family member be murdered and be expected to avenge their death in person.
With a remote tribe with old dated culture, Chins ‘land has dense forest and most Chin tribes continue to do some hunting .Their best meal is always accompanied by homemade rice liquor.Never miss to try their traditional liquor .

Chin land is a real mountainous area which occupy the west part of Myanmar .There is a high peak with over 3000 elevation .Locally it was called Mother Mountain .Since colonial time ,It was renamed  as Mt Victoria to honor Queen Victoria .Moreover the  is covered with dense forest and preserved  as one of  wildlife sanctuaries  of Myanmar .Especially ,we organize some of nature lovers tours and bird watching tours to Chin State to observe so many interesting birds and nature . The bird which is the symbol of Chin nation is the original of Chin State .They are Horn Bill Birds .They can be found in the forest of Mt Victoria .If you study nature of horn bill birds ,you will find It  so fascinating .Chin regard them as a symbol of royalty of individual partner .Since male and female horn bill birds become couple , they are royal to each other for life long  and when a partner dies,the remaining one has to kill itself to die together . Thus Chin state and people are worth to discover once in a life time .

Our Special Tour to Chin Land for 6 Days / 5 Nights

Tour Code: CH 1001
Tour Name: Meeting with tattooed face Chin women in Mindut
Price: Price will be varied up to the number of the travelers and please send
us an enquiry mail .
Service Included: Hotels, Meals, Local Guide, all kind of transports and local English speaking guide


Meeting with Chin tattooed face women in chin State is currently trendy tour in Myanmar. Chin women are less known than Long neck Karen women also called Giraffe women. Mindut is town near the biggest archeological site with over 4000 old pagodas of medieval time and there live one Chin tribe ‘Cho” with their tradition of tattooing women faces .With this tour , you will discover Bagan with many thousands of pagodas but also Mindut city to go and meet remote closed Chin tattooed face ladies and their villages , their traditions .Together with it , you will do an interesting excursion up to Mt. Victoria locally called Nat Ma Taung with over 4000 meter in height . It will take one 6 days and it will let you explore wonderful Bagan, capital city Yangon and have you contact with authentic Chin tribe.

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