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Food Tour

Food Tour

by finemwd / Latest Tours / March 4, 2019

Food Tour

Learning cooking  technology during trip in Myanmar !

  • Are you interested in cooking and want to do some cooking class tour together during your travel in Myanmar?
  • Do you want a tour for only a few days but with effective way to discover Myanmar culture?

Let us introduce you first our foods and table custom.

Myanmar food is quite similar to Some of Asian countries 'food such as our closet country Thailand , India and China .you can imagine our daily dishes are mixed of three neighbors countries ' foods remedies .

Myanmar vital food is rice which is quite similar to western bread at the table and we eat it with the accompany of other dishes such as vegetables ,meat ,salad and soup .Especially , we enjoy a wide range of salads (A Thoke) of all kinds . For examples , we make rice salad with vegetables and peanuts , wheat and rice noodles salad with chicken and peanuts , a wide range of vegetables and meat salad .Whatever salad it is , the main sauces  for making salad according to Burmese taste are peanuts powder and oil , lemon juice , coriander , fish sauce , sesames seeds , tamarind sauce ,salt and chicken powder .Salad is our favorite snack or light food just before the main courses .Every where you go , there are salad shops at the corner of each street .They become popular after 3 :00 pm .Most famous salads are Tofu salad ,Vermicelli salad ,Noodle salad , rice salad and vegetable salads .

Our dishes have mostly so much oil and gravy . Every meat dishes are cooked with oily gravy of different vegetable .Common gravies are tomatoes and onions . Thus there are a good provision of tomatoes and onions in every kitchen . Ginger ,garlic ,fish sauce , vegetable dry seasoning power, turmeric powder ,chili powders are main ingredients for all dishes .

Every day ,we eat three times such as break fast ,Lunch and dinner . For all three ,main course is rice and some dishes .First meal is light which is just hot rice and vegetable tempura or grilled dried fishes with green tea .Second meal is a complete set of table which is composed of rice , meat ,salad , soup and appetizing dishes such as fish sauce with green vegetable or a sour or spicy dish .Third  meal or dinner is less variety then second meal .It has just rice , meat and salad ,no more soup . Before starting to make dishes ,first we need to prepare onion ,garlic and ginger .Then gravy is made  and then meat is cooked together with it later which makes the most fascinating tasty meat dish .Garvey making  is very important to have a good and tasty dish .Sometimes ,it takes about 1 hour to cook a good dish . So we give a big part of time for meals .

The Myanmar do not dine in the Western sense of savoring food or wines and making conversation. The meal is quickly eaten and is over when one is full. There is no lingering at the dinner table, and guests may leave quite soon after eating. Dishes are full of flavor, but there is no emphasis on decoration or garnish. A meal does not consist of different courses. Instead, the dishes are placed in the center of the kitchen table, usually a low round table, with the diners seated on low stools as seats. In urban houses, there are Western-type dining tables and chairs. There is no specific seating arrangement. Portions from all the dishes are placed on one’s plate and eaten with rice.

The most important eating etiquette is to serve the head of the family or oldest member first. Even if this person is not present at the time, it is customary to reserve the first portion for him or her. Many Myanmar feel that eating with fingers is more conducive to hearty enjoyment of the meal. The hands must be washed first. Only the right hand is used and polite manners dictate that food must never touch the area beyond the first digits.

Generally there is not much conversation during the meal. Talking with one’s mouth full, talking about topics such as body wastes, and making noises are all considered inappropriate and must be avoided at all costs. Eating too slowly, lying down or slouching, and sighing are regarded as being disrespectful at the meal table. If there are guests, they should be pressed to have some more food, and even if they say no, their host may insist on serving them another portion. This is part of the Myanmar hospitality.

The secret of Myanmar dishes are mainly its ingredients and method of making gravy .When you discover this secret and some table etiquette , you will make a new tasty dish and new table culture which will let you free from sometimes from boredom of every day dishes and old table culture .

Our special tour to discover Myanmar foods, cooking methods for 6 Days / 5 Nights

Tour Code: FC 1001
Tour Name: Classic tour with Myanmar foods discovery in 6 Days
Price: Price will be varied up to the number of the travelers and please send
us an enquiry mail .
Service Included: Hotels, Meals, Local Guide, all kind of transports, cuisine class fee and local English speaking guide


This classic tour with Myanmar foods discovery in 6 days is really interesting tour .it will let you discover Myanmar highlighted destinations such as Yangon, Bagan with over 3000 pagodas and Inle lake which is well famous for villages on the water as well as it will let you learn Myanmar cooking methods by doing some cooking activities together with our corporate cooking class team .There are two times of cooking class to let you learn two main different Burmar’s tribe foods and other second main tribe Shan ‘ foods .Moreover , there are some canoeing activities Inle lake and e-bike riding around in Bagan .Thus, this tour is worth to choose to discover Myanmar culture in depth.

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