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Vipassana Meditation Tour

Vipassana Meditation Tour

by finemwd / Latest Tours / May 17, 2019

Vipassana Meditation Tour

Vipassana Meditation

  • Are you interested in Meditation?
  • Do you want to pass a week of retirement in a meditation center in Myanmar?

Let us introduce you about our Vipassana meditation.

There two major types of meditation in Buddhism. They are different mental skills, qualities of consciousness. In Pali, the original language of Theravada literature, they are called Vipassana and Samatha.Vipassana can be translated as “Insight,” a clear awareness of exactly what is happening as it happens. Samatha can be translated as “concentration” or “tranquility.” It is a state in which the mind is brought to rest, focused only on one item and not allowed to wander. When this is done, a deep calm pervades body and mind, a state of tranquility which must be experienced to be understood. In Samatha,we  focuses our own mind upon some items, such as prayer, a certain type of box, a chant, a candle flame, a religious image to cultivate and improve consciousness. This method is more similar to some methods practiced by most non Buddhists and in some Yoga classes.

In Vipassana mediation, we uses our concentration as a tool to observe currently taking place phenomena of mind and body until we see all illusions and the truths of impermanence, unsatisfactoriness, and selflessness of phenomena.Vipassana is also a form of mental training that will teach you to experience the world in an entirely new way. You will learn for the first time what is truly happening to you, around you and within you. It is a process of self-discovery, a participatory investigation in which you observe your own experiences while participating in them as they occur. It will also teach us as well the freethinking coming out of the box of the theories, prejudices and stereotypes thinking .Thus it leads us to the path of enlightenment. Every Buddhist in Myanmar practise more Vipassana mediation to attain the enlightenment and to access to the stage of Nibbana (the eternal liberation of soul from the impermanent body. Almost everywhere in Myanmar, there are mediation centers and all give vipassana mediation course to Buddhists. It is worth to take a week of Vipassana mediation in Myanmar and you will experience a priceless spiritual openness into universe after a few day of meditation course .

Our Special Vipassana Meditation Tour for 7 Days / 6 Nights

Tour Code: VSM 1001
Tour Name: Vipassana Meditation Tour
Price: Price will be varied up to the number of the travelers and please send
us an enquiry mail .
Service Included: Hotels, Meals, Local Guide, all kind of transports, local English speaking guide, Meditation
training course fee


Vipassana Meditation tour is designed for the traveler who is interested to take a meditation course in Myanmar. Vipassana is a typical meditation method of Myanmar and a direct way to access to eternal liberation of soul into universe and end of the reincarnations. Thus Myanmar people pratise Vipassana meditation with efforts during their holidays and everyday life to develop self –awareness .This tour will definitely let the traveler experience good benefits on mind and body relaxation through the meditation such as the anxiety reduction, the memory improvement but also it will let discover the truths on the universe. During the mediation course, the traveler will understand Vippassana meditation method , will experience a direct contact with local community meditators and monastery life experience in Myanmar as well. In addition, the traveler will visit Bagan with thousand of Pagodas and the biggest economist city Yangon. Thus this short term meditation tour is short and effective meditation tour.


  • Exploring Yangon City with majestic Shwedagaon Pagoda
  • Discovering Myanmar cultural treasure Bagan  with over 3ooo Temples
  • Taking Vipassana Mediation course with famous meditation instructor with skillful translator for 3 days


  • Two ways domestic flights fares
  • 2 nights hotels fares and 3 days meditation center fee
  • Vehicle with air conditioning and good driver + water and refreshment tower
  • Knowledgeable English Speaking Tour Guide
  • All meals during the tour( L/D/B)
  • Entrances fees for Yangon and Bagan


  • International flight fares
  • Personal expenses and drink during the meals
  • Tips for guide ,Drier and porters
  • Camera fees at the pagodas
  • Visa fees

Extra program charges not mentioned in the itinerary

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