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Useful Travel Tips


Pre-departure Planning


Before you come to Myanmar, we recommend you to have vaccination for some diseases commonly found in some under development country suchas Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Rabies, Japanese B Encephalitis, Tuberculosis, Polio and Diphtheria&Tetanus, Dengue fever and malaria. You do not need to take all the vaccinations, At least, you should take Yellow fever, Hepatitis B and malaria if you.

Health Assurance

It is better to have a heath assurance before you travel.

Travel Assurance

It is better to have a travel assurance to cover the loss, theft and medical problem during the trip.


Electrical Volt is 230V, 50Hz AC and Electrical outlet in Myanmar is 220-240 Volts.We use 2 pins and three pin plugs which are not mostly used in most of the developed countries and Europe. Thus we advise you to take the universal adapter to charge your electronic devices.


Weather in Myanmar is warm and hot the whole year round and you do not need to bring heavy sweater. Light sweater for 15-degree temperature and light weight cotton cloths for 30-degree temperature. Together with clothes, you should bring torch, mosquito repellents, sun cream, sun glasses, hats, umbrellas and rain coats for the moon soon season between July to October. If you want to trek hiking and trekking in the forests, you need insect’s repellents products and first- aid kit.

Personal Duty-free Allowance at Myanmar custom

Portable amateur camera and its relevant accessories (1 Set)
Golf set not more than (15) sticks (1 Set)
Tennis Rackets or Badminton Rackets (2Nos)
Fishing rod with roller wheel, string, artificial bait and other accessories (1 Set)
Reasonable numbers of drugs prescribed by a doctor for personal use except prohibited drugs along the trip
Varieties of liquor not more than ( 2 liters)
Perfume not more than ( 150 ml)
Cigarette not more than ( 400 rolls)
Cigar not mare than (50 rolls)
Pipe tobacco not more than (250 gm)
Jewelries permitted by Central Bank of Myanmar for Myanmar Citizens to take out on leaving Myanmar
Portable Audio player for passengers use (1 No)
Portable Video Camera, HD Cam, DV Cam for memorable recording and Spare part dry cell (1 Set)
Portable computer and its accessories (1 No)
Electrical and electronic goods for passengers not more than the value of USD 500
Unrecorded CD disc (Large) (6 Nos)
Unrecorded CD disc (Small) (12 Nos)
Unrecorded Mini disc (6 Nos)
Unrecorded video tape (6 Nos)
Unrecorded cassette tape (6 Nos)
Unrecorded tape for DV Cam, HD Cam (6 Nos)
Portable Data Storage Thumb Drive (2 Nos)
Goods for personal use, valued under USD 500 shall be exempted from Customs duties and taxes.
The following items brought in by the foreigners working for the Governmental organizations and foreign investment companies shall be exempted from customs duties and taxes for one year as temporary importation if the passenger produced a written undertaking, the goods will be taken out on their departure within one year.
(a) VCR (or) DVD player (1 No)
(b) TV (1 No)
(c) Portable Radio (or) Cassette (except Home Theatre) (1 No)
(d) Laptop computer (or) Notebook (1 No)
(e) Operational Tools and equipment
Personal belongings of the deceased will also be granted allowance as a passenger.

Useful Tips during the trip


There are internet cafes in the town and free Wi-Fi in the hotels, some restaurants and some souvenirboutiques. Connection might be slow if you use the internet café and free Wi- fi of hotels. Phone Sim card have Internet service and you can buy a local phone Sim card and have internet on your phone. Connection for Phone internet is faster than Free Wi- Fi internet. Local Phone Sim Card is so cheap. It cost about 2 USD and then you buy a prepaid Phone bill card to have bill so that you can make a call and use mobile internet.

International Phone call

There are line phones at the hotels and no more line phone cabins in the streets because we use mostly mobile phones. The best way is to buy local phone Sim card and you can make normal phone calls to your home and they can contact you any time with the local phone number. In addition, you can have internet on your phone.

Dialing Code of Myanmar

+ 95

Myanmar Time Zone

GMT +6½ hours

Postal service

Most towns have a post office, usually open Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 4. 30pm.International postage for letters and postcards is cheap. International stamp charges 1000 k, but it can take a long time to arrive.DHL is recommended for larger and high value packages, and has offices in Yangon and Mandalay.



All embassies are in Yangon. .Please go  to to get information on your embassy in Myanmar.


Medical center

Myanmar do not have good medication system and public hospital are not well equipped and sanitary. Thus if you are in the course of treatment, you have to foresee well to process your treatment during the travel period or if you fall in illness, it is better to go to the private hospital and private clinic. Consulting and treatment charge is very reasonable in Myanmar.



Hotels and Guest house have laundry service.



There are two types of toilet in Myanmar. Traditional toilets are “squat toilet “and local houses and local restaurant and public toilets are traditional. Most of the hotels have international modernist down toilets.

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