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Travel Security

Personal security and Crime

Crime rate is too low in Myanmar and there are almost no crimes against tourists. As People are kind, helpful and so respectful to the Buddha ‘s advice, you can travel everywhere without fear even in Yangon and Mandalay, the highest crime rates cities in Myanmar, though there are some local pick pockets and murders but its rate is lower than other Asia countries. Women can travel solo without being afraid of being raped. Moreover, for the personal security of tourists, there are tourists police in high tourist towns such as Bagan and Inle to protect and help. Regard to other cities without tourist police, there is other police who protect the tourists.

Health, food and water

As a developing country, there are some main contagious diseases are present and not well controlled. However, if travelers should have taken the precaution treatment before travel to Myanmar. There is no risk to caught them.

Myanmar food is quite similar to other Asian foods and based on the curries. They are delicious and moderately flavored. There will not be problem with food during your stay in Myanmar. But you are recommended to avoid eating in local restaurants in term of hygiene to avoid food poison and stomach upset. There are plenty of hygiene restaurants for tourists and they made the dishes after order with clean water. If you follow this tip, there is no problem with food.

Mineral water is available in Myanmar. Thus, there is no risk with unpurified water problem. Drinking tap water is avoidable and have only bottle water.

Political Instabilities

Some areas of Myanmar are restricted due to the ethnic group insurgency and wars between two ethnic groups or an ethnic group and government military. However, it is always safe and peaceful in the top touristic regions and those problems have never affected the tourists. If you can avoid the restricted areas and do not participate in the riots and political demonstrations and protests, your trip is safe and sound.

Weather and natural disasters

Myanmar is a tropical country and the temperature is moderate between not too hot and too cold. The summer period between May and August is hotter that other seasons. but there is not high risk to be affected by the high temperature. You can visit Myanmar anytime avoiding this period. In term of disasters risks, we had had some disasters such as cyclones, earthquakes, floods. So far, those disasters did not affect Tourists sites and any tourist. Thus, Myanmar is safe from disaster risk either.

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