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• Our team also provide any assist on Myanmar trains information to buy train ticket, to get information on train lines schedules and tips on taking train in Myanmar to every traveler who want to travel by train.
• Myanmar has over 5,400 km of railway track, operated exclusively by Myanmar Railways, a state owned organization. Myanmar’s large railway network serves some 858 stations on ten interconnected train lines.
• Myanmar trains are not high speed trains and it is ventilated by the fan on the ceiling and opened windows. There are two classes, ordinary and upper class plus the sleeping wagons. You can check the seats in the gallery.
• To buy train ticket Myanmar is a little bit complicated and the rules varies a lot. But mostly, some ticket has to be bought a few days in advance and some have to be bought on the day of the departure. It is better to have precise information on the ticketselling time to not miss a ticket.
• Just give inquiry message to us for any assist on it through our web mail.

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