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Middle size town with over 200,000 called “Prom” in the British time lies about 300 km to the south of Yangon and is accessible by road from Yangon and by boat from Bagan where as it is situated on the eastern bank of the Ayeyarwaddy river. Historically, it was important city for trade since Medieval time and served as the trans –shipment point of the British government for cargo moving between northern and southern Myanmar along the Ayeyarwady River and Between Raking coast and the interior. It continues to prosper as ever and important for the river trade. Normally it is not the tourist site but because of ruins of the ancient Pyu capital “ Srikestra “(UNESCO world heritage site) which is also less known compared to others popular tourist sites.

Srikestra (Ancient city of extinct Pyu)

The ancient Pyu city lies in the village called Hmawza,8 km to the south east of Pyay. It is a UNSCO world archaeological site and not well known to tourists. But it is worth to visit. Historically, people, the extinct people of Myanmar, established several kingdoms such as Bithano, Hanlin and Srikestra along the Aryewadday river since 1 century BC till 9 centuries AD. Srikestra was their last prosperous kingdom. They were highly civilized people and had their own arts, literature, religion (Buddhism mixed with Hinduism called Hindu –Buddhist culture) and culture. They were the first urban people in Myanmar and built their city in the smart urban system and other Buddhist religious Buildings. Before you visit Bagan, if you are interested in the evolution of culture and religious monuments architecture older than Bagan period, it is worth to see the Srikestra archeological site first because you will see the step by step development of the pagoda building architecture in this old Pyu city site.

What to see in Pyay:.

Shwesandaw Pagoda
Srikestra archiological site
Shwemyat Mhan Buddha (Buddha with glasses)

What to do in Pyay :
walk in the night market

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