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An extinct Volcano, the principle guardian Spirits shrine in Myanmar, the oasis of the central dry land, is an amazing place ever to experience.


Popa mountain is situated 60 km to the South east of Bagan and it is the highest mountain in the central land with about 1500 m in height.Before Buddhism flourished in this country in the tenth and eleventh centuries, people had worshiped gods of geography and population. Those invisible spiritual gods are called the Nats and Mount Popa was chosen as the Mount of those Nats and it is sometimes compared with Mount Olympic in Greek while Bagan was the capital city.It is ever green with forest fertile with volcanic ash and rain and it is more often foggy with mist and legends of our favorites Nats .

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Mount Popa

Prestigious Nats (Spirists )

Popa resort view point

Todday palm Product & Famile life

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