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The main city of the Danu region, the principle tea leaf trade center of the southern Shan State, Pindaya is cold and quite town shaded by the mountains on one side and embraces the calm lake at its center. The landscape around it is very scenic and picturesque during the crops seasons and it is wonderful place with its famous lime cave and traditional umbrella production.


Pindaya is the main city of the Danu minority ethnic group ,100 km to the south of the Inle Lake, situated at 1200 m above sea level It is cool the whole year round and one of the pilgrimage sites for its holy lime cave of over 8000 Buddha. Formerly it was called “Pinguya “ meaning” the victory over the Spider “.According to the legend, a prince killed the monster spider who blocked the princesses inside the holy lime cave with Buddha. Since then It was called Pinguya city and later the former name Pinguya became "Pindaya". In the city ,the lake “ Pon Ta Lote “ stands as the artery water supply of the city and there are a quite number of giant shady Banyans tress .Moreover ,Pindaya is famous for its holy cave with 8000 Buddhas .There are also traditional umbrella makers families in the city.It is really interesting to pay a visit to the umbrellas making workshop . The scenic view of the Pindaya region is amazingly beautiful ,especially it is so colorful in the winter time .

What to see in Pindaya:
Shwe U Min Cave

What to do in Pindaya:
visit traditional paper umbrella maker family

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