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Mt. Victoria

The highest peak in the Chin State in the western Myanmar, the beautiful mount in the land of the clouds, Mt Victoria is 3035 m high and interesting place to explore .

Mt. Victoria

Mt Victoria is situated in Kanpalat town in the southern Chin State, 150 km to the west of Bagan It is regarded as the mother mountain of the Chin state with the elevation 3035 m and the highest peak in the area .The name" Mt Victoria " is a new named which was stated to be called during the British time .The premiere name of the Mt Victoria is "Natmataung " meaning "Mountain of the spirits" .Mt Victoria is always surrounded by the clouds and sometimes it is referred by the land of the clouds.Topologically ,Chin state is inhabited by the Chin People who are one of the major ethnic group of Myanmar.Especially ,Chin of the region of the Mt Victoria are one particular Chin tribe and the women of that tribe wear the tattoos on their faces so as their tradition .Mt Victoria has the deep forest and it is home for the wild life .Therefore it has wild -life preservation .The Mt Victoria is really an interesting place ever to discover for bird watchers ,mountain hikers and rare tribe explorer .

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