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Mrauk U

The second largest archeological site in Myanmar after Bagan, the land of sand stone monuments of Rakhaing State , Mrauk U is really the interesting archaeological site and it is worth to discover.

Mrauk U

Mrauk U is situated in the Rakhaing State of the western Myanmar .It is a small town with big archeological site.Rakhaing is one of the major ethnic group of Myanmar .Historically , Mrauk U was the capital city of the last Rakhaing Kingdom founded in 1433 and lasted for over 300 years. Topologically ,Mrauk is inhabited by Rakhaing and there are some Bengalis and Burmese.During the golden age of the kingdom ,it was very prosperous city with the trades of the foreign countries. As Rakhaing people are Buddhists originally , they built the beautiful and magnificent pagodas in sand stone during the golden age of their kingdom.These monuments are really amazing and this is also the different fact in the architecture of religious buildings between Burmese and Rakhaing .Burmese used bricks mainly for the monument construction and Rakhaing used the sand stones.The archeological site of Mrauk U lies on the bank of the Kaladan river and the area is so vast and beautiful with rural life.Unlike Bagan ,Mrauk U archeological site is not well preserved and vaguely ignored in the nature .The land is less touristic, quitter . more authentic and mysterious than Bagan.Hence it is worth to discover this hidden mysterious land .

What to see In Mrauk U :
Site-thaung temple
le- myat -hna temple
Andaw Thein temple
Htaukant Thein temple
Yadanabon Pagoda
Mrauk U palace
Phra Ouk

What to do in Mrauk U :
Visit Chin Village

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