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The pearls city of the Myanmar, the important port on the extreme southern Thanathari coast, Meik is beautiful town surrounded by the Meik Archipelago and one of the best places to do snorkeling around the beautiful islands of Myanmar.


Meik was called “Mergui “during the colonial time and is harbor town of the Thanaitharyi coast which is connected with the coast of Thailand. There are about 800 islands in the Mergui Archipelago and one of the best places to see the beautiful coral and beaches in Myanmar. It is situated at 1000 km from Yangon. As a harbor and coast town, the economy depends on the marain products and pearls farming. Tourism initiated recently in Meik to do the islands tour by speed boat. On some islands are inhabited by the Moken (the Sea-dwellers) and they are master of the sea ad totally live on the sea. Their way of life and culture is subarticular and interesting to meet them. To explore the sea islands, tour in the unspoiled nature with no crowd of the tourist, Meik will be a choice.

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