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The fourth largest city of Myanmar, the important commercial port at the mouth of Salween River, the capital of Mon State, the first capital city of British -Burma with forgotten past of the British Era, Mawlamyaing is endowed with charms which inspired Rudyard Kipling to write the poem ” Mandalay “ .


Mawlamyaing is situated on the east bank of the Salween river ,and 289 km far from Yangon .It is the forth largest city of Myanamar and the capital city of the Mon state .Topologically ,it has about 300000 people and main population is Mon and there are some indians and Karen .Historically ,it was a capital city of one of the dynasty of the Mon and was built since an unknown time properly since the Buddha time (over 2000 years ago). During the British colonial time ,British established their first capital of Myanmar in Mawlamyiang after the first Anglo-Burmese war in 1824.Thus it served as the first capital city of the British .In old days ,Mawlamyaing was called ’ Moulmein’ meaing 'the king with one eye ".In 1852, when the British empire achieved the entire southern part of Myanmar, their capital was moved from Mawlamyaing to Yangon. Since then, Mawlamyaing remained as the important commercial port city in the south of Myanmar . Geographically , Mawlamyaing is flat and slightly hilly located on the back of the Salween river surrounded by several islands .The most beautiful part of the city is the river bank avenue along the river .In the city ,there are still a number of colonial administrative , religious and residential buildings of the colonial time .Most of them are abandoned. As Mons are very devoted to Buddhism, there are important Buddhist religious monuments in the city and in its environ including the longest reclining Buddha, the biggest meditation center and islands.It would not be mistaken to discover this charming, poetic town with sleeping past of the British colonial time.

What to see in Mawlamyaing:
Winseintawya reclining Buddha
Seindon Queen monastery
Mahamuni Buddha
Bamboo Buddha
Kyaikthanlan Pagoda

What to in Mawlamyaing:
visit Kaung Sai island
Visit Bilu Island

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