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Mandalay is situated over 600 km from Yangon and at the center point of Myanmar.Topologically , it has about one million of the population .Majority are Burma and there are Chinese ,Indians ,Shan and other ethnic tribes living in Mandalay. In term of commerce and cultural aspects,it is the important city in the central Myanmar.Historically ,Mandalay was the last Myanmar kingdom city with the standing Palace in the heart of Mandalay.It was founded by King Mindon in 1857 and the capital was called “Yadanbon “ .In 1885,Mandalay kingdom fall into the hands of the British government.After the Fall down of the Kingdom ,it lost its royalty and power.When British settled the British- Burma capital in Yangon ,not in Mandalay ,it became less important for the administration .As it was the last Myanmar capital city, a load of cultural and religious heritages such as wood monasteries, theaters, marionettes art, pagodas and several crafts of Royal time remained in Mandalay until now .The gold leaves makers are one of the interesting place to visit in Mandalay .Moreover ,the Palace of king Mindon , monasteries are the mains attractions for the cultural experience. To see Myanmar standing royal city and traditional crafts and true culture of Myanmar, Mandalay is the right place to visit.

What you should see in Mandalay :.
Mahamuni Pagoda
Kuthodaw Pagoda
Shwenandaw Monastery
Shweinnbin Monastery
Mandalay Hill
Myanansankyaw Palace
Jade Maket
Zecho Market

What you can do in Mandalay :
visit Gold Leaf factory
visit tapestry workshop , Marble carving workshops , bronze casting workshop
Watch the Daw Ma Ma Naing Puppet Theater

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