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Keng Tong

The most scenic town of the easthern Shan State near the Thailand Myanmar border towns "Tachilake and Mei-Sai ", the charming town surrounded by the lovely and naïve minorities, Keung taung is popular trekking center and it is worth to explore for its scenic beauty of the nature and the minorities inhabitants in its surrounding.


Keung Tong is situated about 500 km from Mandalay ,800 m above sea level and it is very beautiful town of the eastern Shan state .It is near to the China and Thailand borders .Geographically .it is on the mountain with the lake at the center and is inhabited mainly by Shan .But in its environs .there are several interesting minorities people living in the villages .The weather of Keung Tong is cool the whole year round and it became the interesting cent for the trek in the villages of minorities ethnic groups of Akha, Wa and Lahus etc.These ethnic groups are amazing to meet and discover their culture , superstitions, beliefs, some rituals derived from animism and their colorful costumes.

What to see in Keungtong:

What to do in Keungtong:
walk in the city
trek in the villages of local tribes

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