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The popular hill station of the southern Shan State, the old British military administration town , Kalaw is a small town with the pleasant weather and scenic beauty of the nature of the mountains and it is romantic in winter time with the remaining colonial buildings to miss far away.


Kalaw is situated on one of the tops of the mountains of the south Shan state ,90 km to the west of the Inle lake ,1320 m above sea level. It is the coldest town in the area .The temperature goes down to 0 degree during the winter time and does not pass over 30 degrees in the hot season .For this reason British settled their military head quarter in Kalaw to extend their power in the southern Shan state .The weather of Kalaw is very pleasant and it was the best weather for summer hill station of that time .Topologically , there are Shans , some nepalis ,indians, mix-breeds who are decendents of the British time and other tribes living in Kalaw.In the city , there are several colonial buildings of British era and it is interesting palce to discover the British architecture in Myanmar .Kalaw is really cold and peaceful town surrounded by the pine foret .For that reason it is also called Pine Land .In its surroundings, there are villages of the several different ethnic groups ( Taung Yoe,Danu ,Shan ,Pa O) and the mountain landscape is very scenic with the fields of crops ,mountains ,rivers and villages. Kalaw become the starting point for the treks to discover the mountain nature .

What to see in Kalaw:
Shweu Min Pagoda
Bamboo Buddha

What to do in Kalaw :
walk around in the city

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