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The ancient magnificent pagoda with a cluster of over 2500 temples and stupas of the northern Shan State, Kakku pagoda is one of the best place to discover the impressive religious devotion of Pa O tribe, the culture of the Pa O and to enjoy the picturesque land of the region with cultivated fields and villages .

Kakku Pagoda

Kakku Pagoda is situated about 200 km from Inle lake and the principle pagoda of the Pa O tribe . The wild pig “Wat “ in Burmese protected the pagoda relic against thief during the insecure time of the region and pagoda was called “ Wat Ku Pagoda” meaning “the help of the Pig “ referring to the story of pig and pagoda.Later it is called “Kakku “ instead of the former name " Wat ku ".The pagoda Kakku was built since 4 centuries before BC by the indian king Asoka enshring the holy relic of Buddha according to the legend .later it was encompassed later by the stupas and temples contributed by the Local population .There are now over 2500 of temples and pagodas in the pagoda complex.The pagoda has been damaged several times by some naturals disasters and withered by the time but it is still holy .charming, peaceful and elegant in its isolate location with the quiet surroundings.

What to see in Kakku:
Pig shrine
Kakku Pagoda

What you can do in Kakku:
walk in the Pa village

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