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The old capital city of the last royal Shan dynasty of the southern Shan State, the birth place of the Myint Nge river, the important trade center ,Hsibaw is shaded by the majestic grandeur of the the royal past and it is worth to discover the Shan people's culture ,the Myint Nge river 's beauty .


It was the capital city of southern Shan royalty since first century till around 1960, situated 400 km to the east of Mandalay. It became a touristic destination recently to do trek in the surrounding Shan and Palaung villages and because of the beauty of the town surrounded by the mountain .The green and calm river Myintnge was born a fwe km to the east of Hsibaw and it flows through the Hisbaw town .Hsibaw was the town where the “Twilight over Burma' novel was based on .The author is an Australian citizen and she is called ‘Inga “ and she was married to the last Shan prince of Hsibaw and lived as Shan Princess in Hsibaw with her husband for so many years. The region is enough beautiful with mountains ,quite Shan villages and the trip to Hsibaw by train from Mandalay by passing over the old and the longest viaduct “ Gohtaik “ is an exciting event to experience in Myanmar. Thus, Hsibaw is a nice place to discover Shan villages , the Shan royal Family life and their culture.

What you should see in Hsibaw:
Hsibaw Palace
Little Bagan
Thain Taung hill

What you can do in Hsibaw :
half day boat trip on the river Myint Nge
trek in the Shan villages

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