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Golden Rock

A stupa topped holy rock , the mystical and the magical place, the high pilgrimage site, the land full with positive energies, the Golden Rock (Kyaik Htiyoe) is a wondrous place to discover.

Golden Rock (Kyaik Htiyoe)

The golden rock ,locally called Kyaik Htiyo pagoda is situated in the Mon State .It is 187 km from Yangon. The golden rock stupa was built since Buddha time according to the legend meaning over 2000 years ago on the top of the isolated mountain of about 1000 meters’ height by a hermit who resided alone on that mountain .The hermit had received some Buddha's hairs when Buddha paid a visit to that mountain and with the help of the Mon king, he built a small stupa on the rock existing on the edge of the highest top of the mountain and enshrined the Buddha's hairs .The rock 's existence is incredibly wondrous.Locally believed that the perching rock on the edge of the cliff of the mountain did not fall down into the mountain valley because the power of the Buddha's hairs for over 2000 years .The hairs inside the stupa is very scared and despite the hard travel crossing the deep forest and mountain to access the holy stupa on the top of the mountain ,there are always pilgrimages all year round.It is always crowded with thousands of Buddhists who come near and far to pay homage .In old days ,the access to the top mountain pagoda was too difficult .But nowadays it can be easily accessed by trucks and it is so much fun.The golden rock is very extraordinary place and it is worth to experience its pilgrimage trip .

What to see in Golden Rock:
-Golden rock Pagoda
-the food and souvenir market
-Shwenan Kyin spirit shrine
-Bobogyi spirit shrine

What to do in Golden Rock:
-Offer the wishing bell to the pagoda
-enjoy the sunset

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