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Culture Photography Tour

Duration: 12 Days / 11 Nights


Culture Photography tour is designed to make the amazing pictures of the significant ethnics of Myanmar together with Myanmar prominent beauty of cultural monuments and life style. As Myanmar practices multiculturalism and each state and each ethic has its own culture. This culture photography tour will let you have pictures on Myanmar urban and rural cultures. With this tour , you will have some pictures of busy working society in Yangon which will reflects Myanmar best urban life , you can have some pictures of magnificent archeological monuments with cultural models such as an old rural man or a novice to animate the scene in Bagan , you will also make some portrait pictures of mysterious tattooed faces of Chin women on the west highland of Chin State and famous Karen Ladies with long neck covered with brass rings on the remote mountains of Kayah state and ,In addition , you will also have some pictures of famous leg rower’s fisher men of Inle lake. During the tour, our professional photography tour leader will assist you for some necessary features to select time, place, shooting angles and finding suitable cultural models with the scenes. Our photography tour leader guides are talented professional at photography and well experienced. With this tour you will have wonderful photos as well as you will discover the amazing places of Myanmar.

Trip Profile

Arrive at and depart from Yangon

All inclusive tour /All seasons

Yangon – Bagan –Kanpalat – Mindut – Mt Victoria – Loikaw – Panpet – Inle lake

Day 1 Arrive at Yangon –Yangon City Tour
Day 2 Yangon – Bagan by flight
Day 3 Bagan
Day 4 Bagan – Mindut by raod
Day 5 Mindut – Kanpalet
Day 6 Kanpalet – Bagan by raod
Day 7 Bagan – Inle lake by flight
Day 8 Inle lake
Day 9 Inle lake – kakku – loikaw by road
Day 10 Loikaw – Panpet
Day 11 Loikaw Thaenelae
Day 12 Loikaw – Yangon –Departure


  • Strolling along the old streets in Yangon colonial town to take picture of Myanamr urban life styles
  • Taking picture of oversize 60 meters long reclining Buddha ‘Chauk Htet Gyi “ with some models
  • Going around the majestic Shwedagon pagoda ,the world ‘s most beautiful pagoda and taking pictures of rituals and Pagoda best color at sunset time
  • Exploring ancient city Bagan with some thousand of pagodas and temples to admire the skillful arts , architecture and passion towards the religion of the past and taking pictures the contract of the lights and lighting system inside the temples with some models
  • Excursion on the famous lake “Inle “to discover the interesting water world on the lake with villages of the houses on the long stilts, floating tomatoes gardens,. fisher men who row the canoes with legs and their techniques of fishing on the lake and take pictures of daily life of tribes and their portaits
  • Going around the last capital city “Mandalay “ with last Royal Palace
  • Taking pictures with Some monument and best photo of charming U Bein wooden bridge at sunset time or sunrise time
  • Day 12Taking the stunning picture of rural life at Sat Sat Yo village kids with Myanmar extinct traditional hair styles of 19 centuries
  • Some shoots in local markets ,monasteries and sunset and sunrise misty moment at the best beautiful place
  • Escorted by very profession local photography guide to assist you


  • 3- 4 stars hotel for 10 nights
  • All meals for 11 days except last dinner on the departure date together with complementary breakfast of the hotel
  • All transport charges mentioned in the program with private air-conditioned cars with water and refreshment tower /boat ,horse cart /e-bike fees
  • 2 times domestic flights fees
  • All entrance fees for the sites mentioned in the program
  • Local professional English language speaking photography guide
  • Private cars fees for long trip from one city to another city

Day 1 Yangon

Arrive at International airport, our talented photography guide will welcome you at the airport. Then transfer to hotel and check in the hotel. After the hotel check in, our well experienced photography guide will lead you to the interesting points to make the best shoots in Yangon. You will start with colonial town with the majestic colonial buildings where you can shoot of the beautiful colonial buildings and street life style. Then you take the photos at Dela jetty, in China town, Indian town to have different perceptive features of life in Yangon. After these captures, lunch at reputed restaurant. After lunch, you proceed to Kandawyi park to capture the beauty of Yangon and Shwedagon pagoda which is the holiest pagoda in Yangon, alive with rituals and has full of splendors of the holy energies. Make your best shots under the guidance of our guide. After pagoda, dinner at one of the best restaurants and overnight at hotel.

Day 2 – Yangon – Bagan by morning flight

Early check out in the morning to take flight for Bagan. Flight time is around one hour. When you arrive at Bagan ,you start your photography tour with local colorful market at Nyaung U and then proceed to the highlight temples of Bagan such Shwezingone pagoda ,Gyupyaukgyi temple and Htilominlo temple .You make some shots of them with our cultural model .After morning shot , lunch at one of the best restaurant in Bagan .Then visit the Lacquer wares workshop .Lacquer ware is Myanmar famous traditional handmade craft .You have some shots there and proceed to the some famous temples such as Ananda temple, the master piece in temple architecture, Dhamayangyi temple, the biggest one in Bagan and Sulamani temple to capture their most impressive architectural beauty . Then you make the best shots of Bagan landscape view at the sunset point catching the falling sun-rays and the changes of the colors of light over Bagan's temples. After the sunset shot, dinner at the restaurant with the puppet show and overnight at the hotel.

Day 3 – Bagan – Mindut by private car

Early breakfast and hotel check out to drive to Mindut town of Chin State where you are going to meet tattooed face Chin women, 116 km and around 6 hour- drive from Bagan.After check out the hotel, we drive you to Mindut directly and on the way, we will stop at Chauk town 's market for a few minutes. Then proceed to Mindut and lunch at a village Saw. When you arrive at Mindut in the afternoon, check in the hotel first. After Hotel check in, we will take you to Chin families and Chin cultural museum. You will take pictures of tattooed face Chin old ladies and Chin men in their traditional costumes. After Chin families visit, we will drive you back to Bagan. Then upon arrival, dinner at reputed restaurant. Then check in hotel and overnight at the hotel.

Day 4 – Mindut - Kanpalat

Breakfast and hotel check out, then we drive you to Kanpetlet, 57 km and 2 hour-drive. You will hike on Mt Victoria and visit Chin families in Kanpetlet. When you arrive at Kanpetlet, we will take you first to Mt Victoria to hike. Mt Victoria is a very prestigious mountain of Chin State and the highest Mount with 3007 meters elevation. It is famous for Eco-tourism for its wild life nature .When you arrive at Mt Victoria, you will hike to the top where you will have panorama view over the land. The hiking time might be around 3 hours for 8 km distance .When you arrive to the top , enjoy the panorama view and you will experience the wild life on the way up hearing the birds tweets .After Mt Victoria , we will take you to Chin families to take some more photos of their life styles .After chin families visit , we will drive you back to Bagan .We will serve you dinner at a reputed restaurant in Bagan upon arrival .Then check in the hotel and overnight at Bagan.

Day 5 – Bagan – Inle Lake by morning flight

Wake up early morning to take a very stunning picture of sunrise in Bagan from a good point In winter from October to March, a quite numbers of balloons fly every day over pagodas. This is a magical moment to see Bagan with Balloons .Then back to hotel and have breakfast and hotel check out .then we will drive you to airport to take flight for Inle lake .flight time is about 30 minutes .After arrival, we will continue to drive you to Inle lake for another one hour .In Inle lake, your visit will be by boat . You will see villages composed of bamboo and wood house on the long stilts , people moving around by boat from house to house , many motor boats with goods and travelers going back and forward on the lake followed by sea girls . You will see floating tomatoes gardens , old wooden monastery called “Jumping cats monastery nearby tomatoes fields .Take some shoots of farmers who are working on the floating islets and people and houses .Lunch at a local restaurant on the lake with traditional foods of Inle lake such as potatoes rice and fish curries .In the afternoon ,continue to visit traditional crafts including lotus flower weaving looms , black smith workshop , Burmese cheroot maker ‘house etc .Then we will take you to your hotel .On the way you will meet fisher men who are rowing their canoes with their legs while fishing with hands .Shoots of their activities under the sunset rays with background view with mountains and water . Dinner and over night at hotel.

Day 6 – Indain

After breakfast , we will pick ypu up at the hotel to visit Inle lake and Indain Pagoda .First , we will take you to five day market because Inle lake has only morning market and it rotate from one village to another every day during a week .Five day market is so colorful .You will find it so busy and so many local goods and people .They are Pao,Shan and Inthas .Pao come down from mountains to sell their goods and they are significantly recoganizable because just they wear their traditional dress of dark bluse color every day .Do some shoots in the market and leave for Indain Pagoda by baot .Indain is a village on the west bank of the lake and inhabited by Pao .Indain Pagoda is the important pagoda of Pao tribe .According to oral story ,it was built by King Asoka since 4 centuries and holy with relic .Around it ,there is cluster of over 2000 temples donated by local families between 17 and 18 centuries and most are in ruin . That pagoda is very photogenic and the way to it has beautiful nature with low water fall , bamboo forest and you will meet Pao people .Enjoy taking photos of Pagoda view with local Poa ladies . Lunch at a local restaurant and come back hotel after pagoda visit .Dinner and over night at hotel.

Day 7 – Inle lake – Kakku – Loikaw ( 150 km – 4 hours drive)

After breakfast and check out the hotel , we will drive you to loikaw ,capital city of Kayah state to visit Long neck Karen women called “ Giraffe women” . It is about 150 km from Inle lake for 4 hours driving time .On the way ,you will pass by Pao trive and their remote region .Stop at Kakku Pagoda which is the most important pagoda of Pao’tribe built by King Alaungsithau in 12 centuries . Kakku come from Wat meaning “Pig “and it means Pagoda garded by wild pig according to the oral story. Kakku Pagoda is surrounded by over 2500 temples and stupas offered by local Buddhists .You will see Kakku Pagoda and visit one of the Pao village on the way.You will do some photo shtoots of Pao and Pagoda. Then lunch on the way and head to Loikaw passing through beautiful mountains and villages .Upon arrival at Loikaw , do hotel check in and dinner at the hotel .Overnight at loikaw .

Day 8 – loikaw - Pan Pet ( 70 km – 1 hour Drive )

After breakfast, we will drive you to Pan Pet village to meet Long neck Padaung ladies .In loikaw there are nine different Karen sub- tribes live together .Padaung or Long neck Karen women are one of them .They live in many different villages on the our shirt of Loikaw living on agriculture .Most migrated to Thailand because of the political situation. Their villages are situated on the far mountains and we will go to those mountains .Upon arrival Pan Pet village, we will visit their houses. You will see their daily life and they have some souvenir shop for tourists. We will have some photos shoots of them .They grow millet to make their traditional liquor called Kaungyai .Since the kids to grandparents they drink it as daily drink and festival drink. They drink mostly for their annual New Year festival while dancing. Sic age five or six year old , young Karen girls start to wear brass ring around their neck to be alike their legendary mother “ Dragon “ because they believe that a magician and a dragon fall in love and Dragon gave birth to them .Thus they disguise themselves as their God mother Dragon skin. They wear at least 27 brass ring around their neck and they wear them all the time till their death. After Pan Pet village , we will drive you back to Loikaw .Lunch at local restaurant .In the afternoon , we will show you cultural museum and sunset for the top of Taung Kwel Pagaoda .Dinner and over night at Liokaw .

Day 9 – Loikaw – Thanee la lae

After breakfast, we will drive you to Thaneela lae village to meet another sort of Karen .We call them red Karen because their costume color has more red color..Red Karen are locally called Kayah who make the major population in Loikaw region. Some old ladies of villages still wearing their traditional dress ever day. First, we will drop in the loikaw market with beautiful and color vegetable and goods .Then we will drive you direct to Thanee lalae village .Local lady from village will you around their village and she will explain you some about their cultural rituals and festival .We will visit first new year festival land where every year they celebrate their new year festival with some homage ceremonies to their traditional spirits and dressing up new pillar of victory to mark end of a year .They dance the whole night drinking their traditional liquor .Then we will continue to show the hunting shrine .Then we will go and meet old musician lady who play music with guitar .Listen to her music and have some shoot of her portraits in her typical dress. Then lunch at village and back to Loikaw .Dinner and over night at loikaw.

Day 10 – Loikaw – Yangon

After breakfast , we will drive you to airport to take flight for Yangon .Flight time is one hour .Upon arrival at Yangon , We will do hotel check in and then have lunch .In the afternoon , we will show you Reclining Buddha and Scott market for last shopping of souvenirs of Myanmar .Then go to train station to take pictures of life of the people . Dinner at decent restaurant in a colonial house and overnight at Yangon.

Day 12 – Departure

Free time till the pickup time to transfer you to the Yangon international airport. Our service ends at the international airport.

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