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The fabulous land imposing into the sky with over 3000 thousand of temples and stupas, Bagan is alike Seam Reap in Cambodia, Borobudur in Indonesia and it is the most wondrous sight of Myanmar as well as one of the wonder of South East Asia.


Bagan is a small town with over 3000 religious monuments .It is situated in the central region of Myanmar, far over 600 km from Yangon and over 200 km from Mandalay.Bagan is the top tourist attraction of Myanmar.Historically,It was the capital city of prosperous and powerful first Myanmar empire between 1 and 13 centuries AD and it was the Birth place of Myanmar and Buddhism. Together with economic upright of the capital since 11 centuries, the extraordinary religious monuments were built in Bagan with deep belief in Buddhism and the number of the religious monuments in Bagan reached over 5000 thousands during Bagan period .Since then the capital's fall down by the Mongol invasion,Bagan has been ignored and so as its monuments.Sadly it was touched by several earthquakes and monuments collapsed several times .The ruins are everywhere .Nevertheless , the best place to see the impressive architecture of medieval time in Myanmar is Bagan.In every inch of Bagan , magnificent monuments are standing high and low like in mushroom sprouts cluster in all size. Huge and glorious temples like Ananda temple , Htilomin –Lo temple out stand as the fairy land castles on the land whereas some small ones address aside them humbly . Architecture of the monuments , Legends, arts, Culture, and powers of the past of Bagan is really amazing.

What you should see in Bagan :
-Shwezigon Stupa
-Ananda Temple
-Htilomin -lo temple
-Dhammayangyi temple
-Sulamani temple
-Wetgyi-Inn Gyu Pyaukgyi Temple

What you can do In Bagan :
-local horse cart ride
-E-bike and bicycle
-Visit Local Lacquare ware workshop
-Ballooning over Bagan
-Sunset Boat over Irrawaddy River

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